About Evergreen Biomedical

Evergreen Biomedical is a biomedical engineering company which strives to maintain medical equipment readiness through routine checks, repairs, and services. This ensures patient safety, which in turn results in quality healthcare delivery.

A safe equipment eradicates patient injuries due to medical equipment malfunctions, ensures accurate diagnosis of diseases, and reassures clinical staff and providers that their medical equipment is up to speed. Put our services to test, and you will be glad you did. Contact us today for more information.

What We Do

At Evergreen Biomedical, we handle all your medical equipment needs; from scheduling your routine maintenance, to repairs, and everything in between. We also provide exceptional asset management in the form of documenting the status, and essential information of all your medical equipment such as serial numbers, make/model etc. This makes it easier for you to track your inventory and its location in your facility.

By constantly tracking inventory, we can determine which equipment needs services like manufacturer recalls and software updates. The constant changes in the healthcare industry and treatment of diseases, has made it crucial for clinical staff and healthcare facilities to have medical equipment that are reliable, safe to use, durable and long lasting.

This is what we do at Evergreen Biomedical. With our state-of-the-art test equipment and periodic testing procedures, we ensure that your medical equipment is thoroughly inspected, tested to manufacturer specifications, and ready for use all year round.

Mission Statement

Evergreen Biomedical is an ultra-modern biomedical equipment company that strives to ensure medical equipment readiness that is safe for patient use, all year round. At Evergreen, our goal is patient safety, optimal medical equipment functionality and exceptional customer service. With our experienced and certified biomedical equipment technicians, your clinical staff and patients can be rest assured that every single device in your facility has been tested to manufacturer specifications and is safe for use.

Vision Statement

Our goal at Evergreen is to establish the trust in the medical device service industry, whereby clinical staff and family members of patient will be rest assured that the medical equipment that is being used on their patients or loved ones is safe and efficient.

Why Do People Choose Evergreen Biomedical?

Certified and Factory Trained Biomedical Technicians

We Prioritize Medical Equipment Readiness and Patient Safety

Quick Response Time

Our Services Are Long-lasting

Excellent Customer Service

Great Customer Reviews and Testimonials


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